You had to know this was coming... Spoonfoolery's take on the Classic Reuben. Ours comes with our very own housemade Russian black bread, peppered turkey pastrami, smooth Havarti, caramelized Brussels sprouts and onions, and our down-home original Tangy-n-Tasty Sauce--like Thousand Island, only better because we make it from scratch! You'll get a loaf of our fresh-baked Russian black bread plus all of the above fixings, complete with directions to oven-bake at home. 


We'll even throw in a dozen of our now-famous Foolproof Chocolate Chip Cookies and a bag of Salt 'n' Pepper Kettle Chips to round out your Spoonfoolery "New York Deli" experience! Serves 4-6. 


Order your meal by Wednesday, September 30 to ensure preparation for Friday, October 2 pickup.

Cruisin' for a Reuben! Deli Meal Kit

  • Please DO NOT select shipping when ordering this item. This meal is available only to Greater Chicago residents only and must be picked up at our 2113 Greenleaf St. location on Sunday, August 2. In an effort to maintain social distancing at our door, you will recieve an assigned pickup time 24 hours prior to pickup date.

  • This meal can be ordered vegetarian and egg-free. Standard meal contains dairy, wheat, eggs, and meat. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


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