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UPDATED In-Person Class COVID Safety Protocol

The following is detailed post about how Spoonfoolery in-person classes are currently being conducted. If your child is registered for in-person classes at Spoonfoolery, please take a moment and read through this entire post and the uploaded or hyperlinked documents. It is absolutely pertinent that you read and understand our in-person COVID safety protocol. Our procedures are in accordance with Phase 4 Restore Illinois Guidelines and many exceed guidance. The Overview can be found here.

Please pay particular attention to the Day Camps, Health & Fitness, and Restaurants and Bars sections of the Overview. The City of Evanston qualifies Spoonfoolery as a combination of those three types of businesses. To that end, we have cut capacity for our classroom to 8-10 students only, and all workstations will be set up 6 feet apart, per current dining standards in restaurants. 

Students will work alone at their own workstations. Some equipment must be shared due to the cost-prohibitive nature of individualization of kitchen equipment. HOWEVER, if you are enrolling a pair of siblings who have sheltered-in-place under the same roof, they can be partnered together at the same workstation for ease of purpose. If you and another parent are enrolling two good friends who have spent sufficient time together safely and virus-free, please let us know. We can make accommodations for them to work together, BUT we require an email from both sets of parents permitting this.

Students must submit to a temperature check upon arrival. This is in accordance with IDHS guidelines for day camps and day cares. We are requiring temperature checks, as most childcare facilities are. This measure protects everyone from early stages of COVID contraction, wherein a fever is one of the first symptoms. If your child or anyone in your household is feeling sick or experiencing any of the known COVID-19 symptoms, please keep them home and seek testing. Please let us know the result too, so that we can commit to contact tracing.

IMPORTANT: Please do not just drop off and go before temperature checks daily. This is a crucial part of keeping food services/childcare centers open right now. We need to ensure that everyone falls between 97.5 and 99.9. Any student at 100 or higher will need to go home, and it’s much more difficult to keep this student separate from the rest of the group if we have to wait for a parent to return for pickup. We open doors at 10 minutes before class start for temperature checks.

Students must bring and wear a face covering or mask for entering our space and while moving about in it. Per the guidance given for restaurants and fitness centers, face masks are needed when not stationed in one place. Workstations are appropriately social distanced, so your child is permitted to remove his/her mask while remaining in that one spot. But to get up to wash hands, use the restroom, or head to our outdoor space for breaks, face coverings are required. If they do not have one, disposable paper masks will be provided.

IMPORTANT: This is a cooking class. There is an understanding that food made will be sampled while at one’s workstation. This is why our workstations are appropriately social distanced, just like in restaurants, because eating happens, which can only be done with the removal of masks. We will not be going outside every time a student wants to try something he/she has made. Everyone is making their own recipe and no one is sharing, so Spoonfoolery is well within the guidelines to permit mask removal at one’s workstation to eat what was just made. 

Questions are encouraged throughout the class period, but in order to be heard above the din of commercial appliances and a state-of-the-art HVAC system, your child may need to remove his/her mask to ask the question and be heard.

Your child’s workstation comes with an empty bin that will be cleaned and sanitized daily. Any belongings must be placed in this bin upon arrival. Any snacks or water bottles your child would like to bring to class must fit in a 10" x 13" x 4” (LxWxH) bin. IMPORTANT: This includes mobile devices. Mobile devices must remain in the bin or bag/backpack until break or after class. We are attempting to keep a safe and sanitary environment for all, and this cannot be done if mobile devices are removed and used throughout a class where we are preparing food. 

Per IDPH guidelines for cleaning and sanitizing surfaces in food service, we will be following the directives shown here, on page 2. Students will be required to clean and sanitize their workstation regularly throughout the duration of class. Additionally, Spoonfoolery staff will clean and sanitize the entire classroom and all equipment before the next class period. 

Our waiver form is now part of the registration process when signing up for classes. If you need a copy for your records, please download the form here.

PDF • 99KB

See also our List of FAQs for activities in our space. It has been modified to include the face covering requirement. Please note that long hair must be tied up in a ponytail or kept in a hat. Additionally, no open-toed shoes, sandals, or flip-flops are permitted. Also ensure that fingernails are trim, neat, and preferably UNPAINTED. Long fingernails are dangerous in food prep, can break off into food, and harbor bacteria that can get into food.

PDF • 199KB

We are located at 2113 Greenleaf St., Unit 4 in West Evanston  Entrance to our unit is on the west side of the building, down a short driveway. Parents and siblings are not be permitted in our space at drop-off or pickup. 

Thank you, and we look forward to cooking with your in our kitchen classroom!