Glass of Milk

About Spoonfoolery

Spoonfoolery Creative Cooking & Baking is a cooking school for young people in Evanston's West End. Borne out of Owner and Executive Director Mamata Reddy's love for cooking and teaching others how to do it, especially young people, it's her way of sharing this life skill with anyone who wants to learn it! 


From Summer 2018 to Summer 2022, Spoonfoolery was a real, live cooking studio and kitchen classroom in Evanston. Young and old could come to the kitchen to take classes, host parties, and participate in week-long camps. But it was challenging in every way to keep this business running through COVID and beyond. Family circumstances changed for Mamata in early 2022, which led to the decision to close the physical location and relocate her family to Raleigh, North Carolina. She is currently working on what Spoonfoolery 2.0 will be, so stay tuned!

Food is love. Learn how to love making it with us!