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About Spoonfoolery


Spoonfoolery Creative Cooking & Crafts is an online educational resource that provides one-off virtual cooking and crafting classes year-around. Our seasonal cooking and baking offerings include pie making, cake decorating, gingerbread house construction and decoration, canning and preserving, candy making, and more. We also teach fiber arts such as needle felting, doll making, and paper crafts. 


You can also shop our Online Store, where many popular items from our days as a brick-and-mortar in-person cooking school for young people are available for purchase to ship to your home or anywhere in the lower 48. Some of our most loved products include our All Chai'ed Up sticky chai mix, our naan and pizza dough mixes, and Ro 'n' Zo's Sweet Po-tay-toze dog treats. 

Owner/Executive Director, Mamata Reddy left corporate America for a career in the Pastry Arts, going from the cubicle farm of book publishing to the lightning pace of high-production catering and events. A graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism in Columbia, Mo., and The French Pastry School in Chicago, Mamata has combined her two very different backgrounds and become a culinary instructor for both kids and adults. 


In early 2018, she opened Spoonfoolery as a kitchen classroom and event space in Evanston, Ill., where kids and adults could come learn how to cook, learn, and grow. The pandemic brought the physical space to a close in August 2022, but Mamata continues to share her love of teaching here, on this site, in the form of virtual classes and an online store for purchasing many of the classroom favorites. 

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