Make our famous Chicken Tikka Pizza at home! This kit comes with a pizza crust mix for making TWO 12" pizzas, a jar of our kickin' chicken tikka pizza sauce, and directions to make mix the mix, plus from-scratch directions to make it again at home on your own. Serves 8-10.


You will need your preferred toppings and cheese to complete the meal. We recommend cooked shredded chicken, fresh baby spinach leaves, sliced red onion, and a mix Havarti or Pepper Jack and mozzerella for the perfect pizza pie!


Contains wheat.


This product is part of our Oxygen4India fundraising intitiative. We are working with Michelin-starred Chef Vikas Khanna and Vibha India, as they work to get oxygen concentrators to those in need all over India during this crisis health care situation. Spoonfoolery will donate all profits from the sale of Oxygen4India-tagged goods on our site to Vibha to help meet India's needs for oxygen concentrator distribution all over the country.

Tikka Pizza Kit

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