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Welcome to the Spoonfoolery Blog!

Spoonfoolery is a kitchen classroom for young people opening in Evanston, Ill., in August 2018. This is our blog, where we'll talk about how you can cook, learn, and GROW with us!

I am Mamata Reddy, Head Fool, otherwise known as Owner and Executive Director at Spoonfoolery. I've spent 8 years teaching kids how to cook from the South Side of Chicago to the Northwest Suburbs, and I'm proud to be able to offer my community a real brick and mortar establishment where kids can take classes, have a birthday party, or participate in one of our seasonal events, like our Gingerbread House Party!

Some ground rules about our blog... Info you will get from regularly checking in here: Fun things we're doing in the kitchen from month to month, interesting food facts we chance upon every now and then (think Alton Brown-esque), updates on events we're running, and great recipes for parties at home or some that just plain rocked the classroom, and we want to share them with you! What won't happen in this blog is the notorious step-by-step pictures and plethora of food photography that is so rampant on food blogs these days. We're very busy in the kitchen teaching kids how to cook, eat, and be healthy, so we're not going to waste our time and yours by taking TONS of fancy photos to accompany our delicious recipes. (If that doesn't get me a cookbook deal, so be it!) You don't really need that, and it's time-consuming for us to be stopping at each step, taking them *just so*, and posting them throughout an entry so that it takes you several minutes to scroll to the recipe. You really just need the facts and figures behind the dish, plus the recipe and directions on how to get it done!

So I hope you enjoy the Spoonfoolery Blog. We always welcome questions, insights, and observations. Sometimes the reader provides the best ideas for blog entries!

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