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Pattypans: Oven Adorableness!

Summer squash can be rather meh, if you ask me. But pattypan squash redeems the typical mediocre flavor of this garden variety by offering an absolutely adorable presentation. The folks at Delishably provide a great rundown on all the varieties of pattypans out there. My motivation for this dinner dish came from hosting two vegetarian houseguests for a long weekend. We needed something healthy, delicious, and filling, so this one is chockfull of good grains and legumes with the added flavor of fruit, nuts, and cheese. Serve these little buggers as an appetizer, side, or add a half-pound of your favorite protein (they are fabulous with mild Italian sausage!) Stuffed Pattypans 8 yellow patt

Welcome to the Spoonfoolery Blog!

Spoonfoolery is a kitchen classroom for young people opening in Evanston, Ill., in August 2018. This is our blog, where we'll talk about how you can cook, learn, and GROW with us! I am Mamata Reddy, Head Fool, otherwise known as Owner and Executive Director at Spoonfoolery. I've spent 8 years teaching kids how to cook from the South Side of Chicago to the Northwest Suburbs, and I'm proud to be able to offer my community a real brick and mortar establishment where kids can take classes, have a birthday party, or participate in one of our seasonal events, like our Gingerbread House Party! Some ground rules about our blog... Info you will get from regularly checking in here: Fun things we're do



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