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Every Day Is Pi Day (3.14)

Well, almost every day... Fall is definitely the official pie season, often going into winter. But March 14 is National Pi Day, when we get to celebrate mathematics AND pie! This interesting holiday came about to acknowledge not only renowned physicist Albert Einstein's birthday, but also to tip a hat to the mathematical sign pi.

The History Channel's site gives the best rundown of how it came to be, but suffice to say this pastry chef loves the fact that eating pie has come to pass during another season of the year. Pi (3.141592653, an infinite number) is crucial because of what it represents in relation to a circle—it’s the constant ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. So what better way to recognize the day than with a big beautiful round PIE that you can eat??

Spoonfoolery will be serving up all kinds of pie at Temperance Brewery on March 14 from 6-8 pm. We'll have a little something for everyone, with Beef Stout Hand Pies, mini Chicken or Vegetable Pot Pies, piekies (pie crust cookies!), and homemade pop tarts in a variety of flavors. Prices range from $4-10, and cash is preferred. So come ready to chow down and drink up in the name of MATH and PIE for all!

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