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Spoonfoolery Summer Camp Primer

This post is for all parents with young chefs enrolled in our Summer 2022 Cooking Camps

Camp Week Themes this year are as follows: June 27-July 1

Fruitastic!: Summer's sweetness can be found naturally in all kinds of fruits. We'll spend the week making lovely and delicious things that come from bushes, patches, and trees.

July 11-15

Turn the Oven Off! Fun meals and tasty treats that won't need the big heat. From banana cream pie to pico de gallo, we'll be chopping and chilling this week!

July 15-29

Party On!: This week, we'll be cooking up fun party snacks, finger food, and even birthday cake. So if you've got a birthday this summer, this is the week for you to come celebrate with us!

August 1-5

Lunchbox Favorites: Learn some tips and tricks to making your bagged or boxed lunch BETTER this school year. Portable snacks and filling finger foods that will keep you going all day long.

The following is very important and detailed information about how Spoonfoolery in-person classes are conducted. Please take a moment to read through our latest safety protocol update on our blog to familiarize yourself with how we’ll conduct in-person activity in our classroom. Important dress code and hygiene FAQs are included at that link.

*If your child/children have attended a Spoonfoolery camp sin the past, please remind them to bring back their apron issued on the first day of their last camp with us. This summer, we are only providing aprons to students new to Spoonfoolery Summer Camps.

*Please make sure long hair is tied up in a ponytail or a hat is worn to contain it. Also, NO flip flops, open-toed shoes, or sandals are allowed in our kitchen, as we handle

knives and heavy cookware that can easily be dropped.

*Class begins at 9 am, so please no early arrivals either. Doors open at 8:55 am.Please make every effort to show up on time for class start daily. Late arrivals take time to catch up when we’ve already started a recipe.

*If your child or anyone in your household is feeling sick or experiencing any of the known COVID-19 symptoms, please keep them home and seek testing. Unfortunately, we cannot refund for positive COVID tests.

*Spoonfoolery is mask optional and does not require proof of vaccination. Our staff is fully vaccinated/boosted and will be unmasked.

*We take a break about midway through the camp period and will provide nut- and meat-free snacks and filtered water. Your child can bring in any preferred non-refrigerated snacks and a water bottle. These breaks are outside unless in inclement weather.

*Students will work with a partner and will keep that same partner for the full week of camp. If your child has enrolled along with a friend, please let us know if they would like to work together or be seated near one another for the duration of camp.

*All students partake in our cleaning and sanitizing protocol so as to maintain a safe, clean, and sanitized workspace. Cleanup is part of learning to cook, so we incorporate it in the teaching program and your child will have daily responsibilities to that regard.

*This summer's curriculum includes some crafting and food documentary viewing. This will vary from week to week depending on theme. Food documentaries are shown on Fridays each week.

*Cooking lessons will end daily around 11:45 am. We will spend a few minutes cleaning and reorganizing our workstations, and then packing up our goods to take home. You may come to pick up any time from 11:50 am to NOON. Camp ends at NOON and our staff leaves promptly thereafter, so please arrive on time for pickup by 12 pm daily.

Thank you, and we look forward to hosting our FINAL summer of Cooking Camps at Spoonfoolery!


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